FIXY Makeup

FIXY Broken Makeup Repair Kit & Custom Makeup Blender (with small magnetic palette)


We spent years designing the easiest and most effective way to recycle your makeup. It's easy to fix broken makeup and blend new colors in minutes.

Just GRIND, BIND, PRESS & USE and your makeup will look as good as new!

No Color Change, No Fragrance, just Clean Beauty

Makeup blending box, makeup press, custom pick & scraper, mini brush, grinding tool, 3 small magnetic eyeshadow pans (27mm), 3 medium magnetic makeup pans (37mm), 3 large magnetic makeup pans (47mm), .5 oz FIXY makeup binding spray and 1 empty magnetic makeup palette with mirror

Just hand wash and use it again and again.

Alcohol and Water Based Silicone.
Paraben-Free, Cruelty-Free, SLS-Free, Fragrance-Free, Vegan, & No Color Change. Our 
binding spray is not full of harmful ingredients and won't irritate your skin. It dries immediately and will not change the color of your makeup. Countless options were tested over several years to find the perfect blend.

Customer Reviews

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Fixy Makeup Repair Kit

The Repair kit was not only easy to use, but It also left my broken powdered makeup as if nothing ever happened. I really enjoyed using the kit and I'm extremely happy to have found it! It's something that every girl with makeup NEEDs. It's a huge money saver as it fixes the makeup rather than having to spend money on a new one. I highly recommend this product ! the palette it came with is also amazing! It keeps my repaired makeup organised and in tact! 10/10 :)

Great Product & Great Customer Service

I bought this over a month ago and it saved my shattered eyeshadows and highlighters. At first my stuff was showing that it was in transit and it wasn't giving me updates. When I emailed about it since it was taking so long to arrive, they were quick to respond and super kind. I am very happy with my purchase and definitely will make future purchases with this company.

Christmas Gift - cannot provide a review

I cannot review what is a gift for Christmas and not for my own personal use.

Great little repair kit, let’s talk about it shall we?

I got my Fixy repair kit and tried it right away with a broken MAC eye shadow. At first glance, I loved the concept the packaging the compact design, everything! Not cheap, well made, and looks like it will last me for a long time. I then when on to actually try it on a broken MAC eyeshadow. I followed the steps and looked at the concept a little closer. Now the details revealed something very interesting ...the size of the metal pans. Fixy will send you the box, an empty metallic palette ( same concept as zpalette ), and the different size of empty metallic wells. These wells will work with the Fixy but are a tiny bit larger than the MAC wells....they fit in the MAC palettes mind you. So I am very curious if the MAC wells or any other company wells will work with the Fixy system...or if they were smart enough to come up with a system that only works with the FIXY. ALSO, shout out to the FIXY TEAM... WHAT ABOUT SQUARE WELLS the round wells are great but when you are deporting and trying to minimise kits or wanting to maximize space square wells are wonderful. All in all the FIXY WORKS and is a must-have in any makeup artist Arsenal.

Love this thing

Easy to use, makeup comes out looking brand new, and I honestly had a good time using this

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